Welcome to 2018!  With a new year comes exciting new times, and if your hairy hound has added a few pounds with all the Christmas treats, then it’s time to look at getting trim!

1. Hate to state the obvious but… CUT OUT THE TREATS!

Apart from your usual dog treats, call a halt to all human treats!  We have to do it, and so do the dogs!  Ignore the longing eyes, be firm and stick to your guns!

2.  Take up a new activity with your dog

Take up a new sport or activity with your pooch.  Have you seen a class you’d like to take up but never got around to it?  Now’s the time!

3. Extend your walk!

Can you give your dog a longer walk?  Extending your route by just another 10-20 minutes a day would be really helpful, and a good long weekend walk in the forest or beach is a great way to blow the week’s cobwebs away!

If you don’t have time to do this (we understand, the work/life balance can beat us all!), can you employ a good dog walker that can take your dog out for an extra run during the day?

4. Try to take your canine companion out as much as possible

When Days Out With My Dog was started, one of our main reasons was wanting to take our dog to as many places as possible with us.  Taking your dog with you during the day means that all that walking adds up, and it needn’t be to a specific park or beach.  Find a cafe that allows dogs and walk there and back, or find a day out with the kids that includes your furry friend.  It’s surprising how many there are, and we’re on a mission to find them all!

5.  Have your dog’s weight regularly checked at the Vet

Most Vets have scales readily available, and will be more than happy to provide expert diet and exercise tips for your dog.  Ask them to give your dog an MOT, and make sure they are in tip-top condition for 2018!

Don’t forget to follow our weekly doggie blog for all your information!  Much more to come!