Wow! What a journey!  Welcome to the first of many blog posts for

From choosing our beautiful puppy in August to the opening of the website it has been a very interesting experience!  We have had dogs before, so knew what to expect – little accidents, chewed furniture and lots of mud, but we also started to remember how difficult it can be to go out and about!

We started to look around and realised that there are other doggie websites around, but not much information about the companies that advertised and after giving it some thought, here we are!

So, what’s different about us?  We want to find and offer the best days out – attractions and events that welcome our fur-babies with open arms, cafes and restaurants where we can have a cuppa or meal without sitting out in the cold, shops that let us all look around without one of us having to wait outside with the dog!

We want to be able to tap into the small business network across the UK that specialises in dogs!  It’s all too easy to pop into the huge well-known pet shops but we miss out on a tremendous selection of unique goodies for our pampered pets!

On top of these, we want to find all the little other bits and pieces that we need – groomers, walkers, sitters, handmade dog treats and pet pawtraits, vets, trainers, holidays and many more.

We want to bring these to you so that you can experience the business without leaving your sofa, to give you as much information as we can so that you can concentrate on enjoying your time with your family – including your dog.

Will we stop there?  Don’t be silly!  We also want to bring you all the latest doggie news, information and help and advice through our blogs.  We are currently speaking to some local vets about a Q&A section, and on top of that we will be scouring the country for some of the best walks!  Keep your nose to the ground for our ‘Smiling Staffy’ rating!

We have our Facebook page for news and updates, and our group for those of you who wish to join and share your stories, experiences and photos, we are on Twitter too, and if you want to take advantage of special offers and discounts why not become a member?  For just a tiny cost per month you will receive emails tailored to your requirements.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get muddy paws together!  Sign up today and don’t forget to tell your friends! 🐾