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Who We Are

Our ‘team’ consists of myself: Victoria, my partner, Eddie, two children, Abigail 12 and Luke, 8 and in August, we gave a home to Oaken, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is now 5 months old and growing fast!

We have both kept dogs throughout our lives, and as the children have begged for months to get a puppy, we had many discussions and finally gave in! After a turbulent year and change in circumstances for us both, we have thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering our local area, woods that we previously hadn’t visited, beautiful river walks, cafes that we didn’t know accepted dogs and small businesses that we didn’t know existed.

Whilst enjoying finding all these new places, and looking further afield, the idea for daysoutwithmydog.com was born!

What we do

Days Out With My Dog is designed for dog owners to make the most of the time spent with our dogs. We want to be able to provide a unique website that allows dog owners to find the best places to visit and products available.

For our registered members, there will be access to special offers tailored to your requirements and regular email updates personalised for you and your furry friend.

Our blog posts will be filled with a variety of help and advice, the best products on the market, a selection of the best walks and places to visit for every age group, and where to find all of your local services around the UK.


We have started our venture because we are passionate about the pleasures of dog ownership! What started as an innocent question, ‘what shall we do with the dog?’ has turned into our mission to build the UK’s most dog-friendly website, so that families across the country can enjoy their pet as much as we do!

We have found the doggie community so welcoming – almost everyone will stop to say hello, offer kind words of advice and wish you well for your walk, and we want to pass that on throughout the country. To add to this community, don’t forget to join our Facebook group, Days Out With My Dog, to share your stories, experiences, and photos.

Days Out With My Dog

Days Out With My Dog

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