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From dawn ‘til dusk with your’s a dog’s life!

Find the perfect day out for you and your dog

‘What do we do with the dog?’

These are often the first words that spring to mind when it comes to a day out!

At Days Out With My Dog, our aim is to have the best dog-friendly businesses in the UK in our directory and available to our members at the click of a button!

We all want the best for our dogs, and our 5-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Oaken, is the inspiration for the website. We want to be able to include him in our life as much as possible, and that means finding the perfect places to visit as a family.

We don’t want our members to just visit a directory service – we want you and your canine companions to make the most of your time together, whatever the experience, so we search for the best of the doggie community to join us and pamper your pooch!

Whether you’re looking for a day out, holiday, need a product or service, or just some information, Days Out With My Dog is your complete doggie directory!


Days Out With My Dog has been designed with dogs in mind (and their ‘pawrents’!) to find their perfect service, and in doing this we like to know more about the companies who advertise with us, so that we can offer our members a unique experience.

Take a look through our blog posts for ideas for beautiful days out and dog-friendly places to visit, use our directory links to contact companies directly or visit their social media pages and take your time to look through our range of fabulous companies when you need that special gift for your dog, a pet sitter, groomer or choose from a wide range of services from the comfort of your sofa, saving your energy for walkies!

What people say about us

“Just what we’re looking for – it’s so difficult to take dogs anywhere these days”

“Brilliant – lovely to see not just contact details, but be able to learn a bit about the business before you go”

Building a Community

We want to build a community to help other dog owners and their families.

Why not come and join our Facebook Group and be part of our community!

Days Out With My Dog

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